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You are enrolling in an annually billed support community. The fee will automatically renew on the same day/month you enrolled. You may cancel within your portal or by emailing. Partial refunds on a 30+ model - so 30 days from the cancellation notice. For example, if you join in January and cancel in February, you will be refunded from April - December. 

The SOBERTUNITY Think Tank is not a replacement for medical care, clinical care, mental health care, or treatment for substance use disorder, etc. Daniel Patterson (including SOBERTUNITY, and Patterson Persepctive Inc,) is not a licensed medical or mental health care professional. Any and all advice given is solely community-based sharing and subjective and/or anecdotal advice. Any and all decisions made by the participant should be vetted through their own professional channels. By enrolling in the Think Tank, participants acknowledge these facts and are aware that no results are guaranteed. Intoxication is not allowed on either the Zoom calls or within the moderated chat. Members actively intoxicated will be removed from the community for the safety of themselves and others. Please note, other, more specific terms and community guidelines are available for review within the course upon registration. 

SOBERTUNITY Think Tank Annual Plan


Access to 12 live monthly zoom calls a private (and monitored) safe virtual community to engage with others walking the same journey; personally crafted e-mails to your inbox, and via the only opportunity to personally collaborate with Daniel Patterson @pattersonperspective!